An interview with billionaire investor and founder of Duquesne Capital, Stanley Druckenmiller. In this interview, Stanley discusses what indicators he uses to predict if a recession is coming, his are currently on amber and getting close to red. Stanley also talks about his investment process and evaluates a range of investments. ???? Books on Stanley Druckenmiller’s investing technique are located at the bottom of the description❗

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:01 You want the FED to stop?
5:24 What do you see?
7:32 Same indicators to predict the last four recessions?
12:34 From amber to red?
14:30 25 basis points won’t make a difference?
16:33 You want the FED to pause?
19:41 Cover to Trump?
22:37 Confidence in this FED board vs Obama’s FED board?
24:10 More respectful of financial markets?
24:32 Big money is made because of central bank mistakes and subsequent market liquidity, why warn others?
26:56 Does the end look worse?
28:17 Any way central bank can withdraw liquidity without causing a bust?
29:11 How poor are the returns?
29:48 Are we in a bear market now?
31:10 The bottom is a way off?
32:27 Profitable stage in the cycle?
36:52 GE?
37:44 Have you bought anything over the last two months?
39:18 Shorts?
42:28 Oil?
42:56 How much does politics play into your investment process in the Trump era?
44:13 Does it matter if the government shut downs?
44:31 Brexit trade?
45:44 Pound dropping?
46:08 The market does not generate the same kind of signals as it use to?
50:45 Are the markets more or less efficient?
52:11 Are you inconvenienced by passive investors?
53:08 QE has not worked for Hedge funds?
56:22 To much money in hedge funds?
56:42 Grumpy?
58:08 What are the characteristics a money a manager should have?

Stanley Druckenmiller Books ???????????? (affiliate link)
The New Market Wizards:

Interview Date: 18th December, 2018
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