An interview with billionaire Private Equity titian and co-founder of The Carlyle Group, David Rubenstein. In this interview, David discusses how the Private Equity industry works and creating The Carlyle Group. David also talks about what makes a great CEO, Venture Capital and Donald Trump. ????Books recommended by David Rubenstein are located at the bottom of the description❗

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
2:48 Growing up?
4:38 Nostalgia about Baltimore?
6:01 Working in Jimmy Carter White House?
7:18 Putting memos on top?
8:28 Is strategic maneuvering how you get ahead in life?
9:00 How does Private Equity work?
10:44 Rebranding from leveraged buyouts?
11:46 Is Private Equity the guardian angels of the economy?
13:56 How many companies does Carlyle own around the world?
14:15 A business sector that Carlyle does not own?
15:01 Your objection to alcohol?
16:16 What you should not do put cannot resist?
17:25 How your thinking has evolved on how you bid and how much you pay for a company?
18:41 Is your singular devotion to work necessary to run a company in the modern era?
19:57 Bad experience with alcohol?
21:16 How is business overall?
22:36 Why does America lead the way in Private Equity?
23:59 If you could start again, would you go into Venture Capital?
25:20 Difference in running a company as it matures?
27:00 When the startup CEO want to stay but is not qualified?
28:18 Do exceptional CEO’s give a skewed view?
29:18 Passing on an investment in Facebook?
31:15 Do you regret those decisions?
32:31 1500 employees?
32:53 $162 billion AUM?
33:20 What opportunities and challenges come with being so big?
34:18 Recruiting government officials?
36:59 Bringing in Republicans as a Democrat?
37:46 You know more prominent people in business than anyone else?
39:10 Net worth?
39:39 Is Harvard Corporation returns part of your responsibility?
42:41 Larry Summers being let go from Harvard?
46:21 What makes a good CEO?
47:38 Common characteristics of a CEO?
48:17 The ability to lead?
50:20 Learning to be persuasive and writing?
52:21 Speed reader?
54:16 Benefits out of the salons?
55:55 How much interaction have you had with Donald Trump?
57:50 How is this White House different from other White Houses?
58:50 If you acquired the Trump organization, would you keep him on as CEO?
59:21 Is it harder to be a CEO now then 10 years ago?
1:00:18 Glass cliff phenomenon?
1:02:03 Uber?
1:03:04 Uber CEO pick?
1:04:30 Carried Interest?
1:07:14 Counter arguments?
1:10:10 Tax deductions?
1:14:32 Philanthropy as a opportunity to make it?
1:16:33 Lightning round
1:26:24 What did you believe to be true that you found out was not?

David Rubenstein’s Recommended Books????(affiliate link)
The Hemingses of Monticello:

Interview Date: August 2017
Event: Freakonomics Radio
Original Image Source:

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