An interview and Q&A with ex-CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch. In this interview, Jack discusses how management can get a head a win in business. Jack also talks about motivations, advice to young people and dealing with large companies. ????Jack Welch books are located at the bottom of the description❗

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:54 Why did you write the book?
2:06 Mission and values?
4:48 Who should develop the mission?
6:00 How do we create a culture of candor?
7:37 Is differentiation cruel or effective?
11:27 When you were chairman of GE, how did you spend most of your time?
13:40 Four E’s and P?
14:49 Is that workout process useful?
15:57 Where does the passion come from?
17:22 Advice to young people?
20:33 How important are mentors?
23:26 What’s your outlook on the economy for the next 5 years?
25:29 Advice to Catholic Church?
26:15 Start of Q&A
26:38 How do you reach down several levels?
28:24 Thoughts on China?
29:45 What can we make US higher education better?
32:17 Advice to to continue growth?
34:10 What would you change about your career?
34:58 Re-entering a job after failing as a entrepreneur?
36:04 Where would you recommend a student get started in business?
37:43 What have you read this year?
39:03 Decisions to leave Bridgefort?
41:43 Take on ethics?
43:17 Could the government benefit from differentiation?
45:18 Advice to an employee seeing complacency in management?
48:01 Advice to small companies dealing with large companies?
48:57 How to bring out potential?
51:15 Management style the same as sports leader?
54:30 How to remain authentic?
56:41 Common sense?

Jack Welch Books ???????????? (affiliate link)
Jack: Straight from the Gut:
The Real-Life MBA:

Interview Date: 6th May, 2005
Event: Sacred Heart University
Original Image Source:

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