An interview with venture capitalist and founder of Baseline ventures, Steve Anderson. In this interview, Steve discusses his unique approach to venture capital and creating Baseline Ventures. Steve also talks about the benefits of being a contrarian and the value of education.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:28 Are there downsides to being a one man shop?
2:38 Being a contrarian and how do you choose investments?
4:15 What did you see in Instagram?
6:13 When did it evolve into a success?
7:33 How do you know if you are being stupid?
9:06 Back up plan?
9:49 Does you approach change when you are handling other people’s money?
10:25 Career and how it helped you develop?
13:03 Too much education can lead to less risk taking?
15:21 Is baseline going to follow the normal path?
16:31 Disadvantage to scale?
17:34 Investment climate?
19:08 How are valuations going to shake out?
20:27 Results of election will affect investment climate?
21:55 Responsibility of industry?

Interview Date: November 2016
Event: Web Summit 2016:
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